Monday, August 27, 2007

my First Anniversary!

It's already been a year since my #1 person, and that lady that lives with him (formerly called mom, until she made me wear that dumb collar) brought me to run their house. They are now very happy. Things are so much better for them now that I am in control. That lady did bring me a nice prezzie however, and I made sure that they never actually saw it again.

my prezzie is a paper bag?

a paper bag that smells like cookies?

what does organic mean? it's still a cookie right?

I'd better not waste time,

gotta get this away from the peeps, before they take it away!


Kassi's New Collar

So, the peeps think this collar is pretty. I don't know, it doesn't smell like cookies... I'd rather have cookies....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Helping around the hounds, I mean, house

Don't let anybody tell you that all I do is sleep and eat. I am a very busy girl. This week, there has been so much to do.
This thing required serious investigation. I don't trust it. It makes noise, and licks all of the dishes clean (hey, that's supposed to be my job!)

I helped to plant a tree in the yard. Well, at least I helped to make the hole for it.

I worked so much in the yard, my peeps decided I was a farm-girl at heart.

dang, was that a lot of work, that's about all I can do for one day. yawn.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Ok dogbloggers, what's a weeeener-dog?

I've spent hours (ok not really hours) surfing for the definition of this strange word. It's not on wikipedia, I can tell you! But everywhere I go, people lean out of car windows, stop and point, run around me jumping up and down 'Look! its a weeeeener-dog!' You know I love the attention, but maybe I should be worried? Is 'weeeeener-dog' a good word or a bad word? My peeps aren't helping either -- they started talking about bratwurst, frankfurters, and something-schnitzel, and I got so dizzy with hunger I had to lay down.

One nice lady asked me if I was offended when my peeps eat frankfurters. "Offended? No, not offended, just hungry." I said.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Heroes: Minneapolis Police K-9 Unit

Today we honor the brave dogs that went into the bridge collapse. Their usual jobs range from narcotics detection to bomb-sniffing, and if you've ever seen a K-9 unit demonstration, you know how amazing these guys are. You won't see them in the news, but they were on the scene in the first hours after the collapse. Here are our brave police dogs. News: they were on the scene

What can we do? The Red Cross says: give, donate blood, offer support, be understanding. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims families, and all of the injured -- their recovery could take much longer than rebuilding the bridge.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Life is so precious

Sorry to wax sombre on you guys today, but mom's a little bit shook -- she was on the 35W bridge on her way home, just like any day, last night just minutes before it collapsed. We are shocked, sad, sobered, and greiving for our fellow minnesotans. We are carrying on, but not quite the same...

Photo ©2007 Minnesota Public Radio