Friday, January 4, 2008

Kassi's New Year's Pawsolutions

I will blog. I promise.

I will hold still for photographs, even though it is beneath me.

I will work on my humans' communication skills -- they're good at saying 'food', but not good enough at getting me food.

I will learn to bake organic doggie treats all by myself.

I will pretend I know nothing of the thing I ate from underneath the sofa.

When launching myself from said sofa, I will not use people as landing pad.

I will stop obsessing about the purse that looks like a dog.

I will not try to accidentally trip someone who is carrying food.

I will ask before sniffing someone's nether-regions.

I will remember that the house is not a toy.

I will be kinder to Tennis Ball. Even though he drives me crazy. Ooh, that Tennis Ball. And don't get me started on his big brother, Giant Tennis Ball.

I will chew.

I will take walks, give kisses, and do other things that I can't help doing.