Monday, November 24, 2008

Kassi's inner supermodel

Kassi had her first (and, um, maybe last) pro photo shoot this weekend with the very talented Sarah Beth!
See a bit more at Sarah Beth Photography blog.
See a folio of her work and an interview with Sarah at the Mod-Dog Blog....

Thursday, May 15, 2008

kassi's killer instinct

You say this little creature is cute? I say it smells. I discovered 8 of them in the compost pile yesterday and it took much yelling and wrangling to get one out of my "jaws of death and destruction" (mwaa-ha-ha-ha evil dachshund laugh). These people that I live with, they really don't make any sense. All summer they point at big creatures like this one, and say "Kassi, chase the rabbit! Get him, get him!" And I run really fast and chase them away like a good girl. But root out a whole bunch of them (at a size I could actually manage) and they go all soft and mushy on me. They just don't get it - they'd never survive in the wild.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Kassi's new gig: she's a very Mod-Dog!

If you're wondering where Kassi's blogging has gone over the past weeks, she can explain... Her peeps have the habit of buying everything 'wiener-dog', and most of it is not good-- after all, bad art offends her sophisticated palate and upsets her tummy. To point her peeps in the right direction, she made a few fine art prints and notecards, featuring -- herself! Next she made a print for the bestest pug ever, a golden retriever that she pretends to not like (but really he's very sweet), and now she's on a roll! Check out her new shop at, and the blog at, enjoy!

p.s. Friends of Kassi's get a special gift with purchase!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kassi Stars in First Movie!

Kassi and the Cube - A Tail of Greed, Love and Desire.
Or, One Dachshund Rolls the Dice for some Cookies.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Kassi's New Year's Pawsolutions

I will blog. I promise.

I will hold still for photographs, even though it is beneath me.

I will work on my humans' communication skills -- they're good at saying 'food', but not good enough at getting me food.

I will learn to bake organic doggie treats all by myself.

I will pretend I know nothing of the thing I ate from underneath the sofa.

When launching myself from said sofa, I will not use people as landing pad.

I will stop obsessing about the purse that looks like a dog.

I will not try to accidentally trip someone who is carrying food.

I will ask before sniffing someone's nether-regions.

I will remember that the house is not a toy.

I will be kinder to Tennis Ball. Even though he drives me crazy. Ooh, that Tennis Ball. And don't get me started on his big brother, Giant Tennis Ball.

I will chew.

I will take walks, give kisses, and do other things that I can't help doing.