Sunday, September 30, 2007

Moxie in the Wilderness: Episode III

If you encounter strange creatures in the wilderness, you have one good course of action. Bark. I recommend "arrf arf - woooooof, woof, woof, woof!" if the strange creatures do not get the message, try "bow owoowowowo bow wow wow!" I made it pretty clear to these tall strange intruders that I didn't want them close to my people, and they didn't get it. My peeps really didn't get it either, they kept telling me to calm down and back off, didn't they realize that I was all that stood between them and whatever these strange creatures had in mind? They could have stolen all of our frankfurters, or stomped on our pup tents! They had to be be stopped! Now, no matter how much moxie you have, you don't want to lose your head-- make sure you bark at these creatures from a safe distance, and when you feel threatened, flee for your life, hide under the chair of your people and be confident that you have made your point very very clear.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Moxie in the Wilderness: Episode II

Ok you lazy people, get up off that chair and let's go!

The wilderness is pretty big for such a small dog, but I handled it.

You have to keep your people in line, they can get distracted and wander off. They do not have a dog's keen sense of direction. All it takes is one little movement in the brush, and they're off! Make sure you keep your people on a leash.
I was totally up for some fishing -- those fish move so fast, it's all a doxie can do to keep an eye on 'em. Dog knows I hate getting wet, but it was almost worth it for the taste of fresh trout.

Once you've got your people good and tired, you can take them back to camp for a nice long nap. and a cookie. and another nap.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Moxie in the Wilderness : Episode I

We just returned from many days in the wild wild wilderness of Wisconsin. If you think I work hard from day to day, you have no idea how much it takes to have this much moxie when you're camping. It was my first foray into the world of camping, and the peeps enjoyed it to no end. Here's my first report of 'Moxie in the Wild'.

First order of business: Set up the Tent. No one likes to take naps on the dirty hard ground in the wilderness.

Step Two, Try to remember how the tent goes up. Which pole is this? Do we need it?

What? You mean people get to sleep in this 'pup-tent?' They don't sleep in my pup-crate...

Ok, now we're done with that, set up the camp site. Especially the chairs and where's that cooler? Do I get a special treat from Mom for setting up the tent?

Stay Tuned for more adventures in Episode II...